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Domarna i SM i Naturfotografi 2022 presenteras här

Huvuddomarens uppgift är att vara support för jurypanelen och se till så att de tex. håller tider, följer reglerna och är införstådda med bedömningssystemet. Huvuddomaren gör ingen bildbedömning om han/hon inte behöver hoppa in för att ersätta någon i den ordinarie panelen tex vi risk för jäv. 


Domare bedömer bilderna i tävlingen, som är helt digital. Olika domare bedömer olika kategorier baserat på varje domares unika kompetens. Den digitala bedömningen görs online med stöd av huvuddomaren.


Hur går urvalsprocessen till vid val av domare och hur agerar domarna under arbetet? Här hittar du information som från huvuddomare Jörgen Brandt!



For me, photography is a way of life, a job and a hobby – and the boundaries are often fluid or non-existent.

The light and form must always be there and must support the image. As a photographer, in my personal images, I work more and more with the abstract, perhaps closer to abstraction, where things become “more” and often “other” than they are.

Been a mentor for photographers from, among others, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, France, etc.

Has taught and lectured on photography in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Japan, Latvia, France, UK, Sweden and more.

President, Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) 2012-14 
Chairman of the Jury, FEP Photographer of the Year 2011-18 
Chairman of the Jury, World Photographic Cub 2016-18

Co-founder & Governor 2013-17 World Photographic Cup 

Qualification Judge FEP 2008-

Chairman of the Board, Museum of Photographic Art, Odense, Denmark, 2006-13


Awards, selection:

Master QEP – Master Qualified European Photographer (

The Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) Certificate is awarded to photographers who have demonstrated an outstanding command of their craft.

supreme qualified master>photo-dk ( awarded in recognition of outstanding, creative and technically perfect work within a chosen specialty. The work must be individual and express a particularly personal style, just as the approach to the subject is expected to be characterized by originality.

Fellow British Institute of Professional Photography (
Technical ability at the highest level, crafting images to an uncompromised standard. Demonstrating excellent all-round technical ability, preparation and production of flawless mounted prints clearly showing personalised style and creativity.

FEP Fine Art Nude Book Prize 2020 for the book 3 x 3 x 3 SENSUALITY, EMOTIONS, TRANSFORMATION
Photographers Jorgen Brandt, Pascal Baetens, Martin Vrabko. This work highlights the creativity of three photographers while remaining true to the collective work of the artists as a group. The layout and printing are excellent and enhance the quality of the nudes.

FEP Merit Award 2018 in recognition of meritorious service rendered in his position as Chairman of the FEP Photographer of the Year Competition 2011-18

Warren Motts International Service Award 2015 (Professional Photographers of America -
Warren Motts International Service Award is presented to individuals who have made major contributions in promoting and developing professional photography on an international level. The award is not necessarily conferred each year, and a maximum of 25 may be given. 

Acted as a judge/chief judge in image competitions in Denmark, Sweden, Europe (FEP), for the EU, Spain, France, Australia, China as well as in a Nordic Competition etc

Proud and happy to now be “Head-Judge” in Sweden for the 8th time - always a pleasure

Ann Coppens.jpg


My name is Ann Coppens and I am a photographer living in Belgium.

My great passion for nature and wildlife photography has taken me to many corners of the globe.

With my camera I am always looking for emotions. One of my aims is to capture the perfect light in a photo.


As a wildlife photographer you need to have the patience to be able to get that one moment in an image. For this moment I often have to wait several hours or days. But catching that look that says it all or that moment when the light is perfect in the scenery makes it all worth-will.

Joshua Holko.jpg


Born in Melbourne, Australia, I am a full-time professional Nature and Wildlife photographer. A passionate photographer, teacher, and adventurer I run workshops and expeditions for other photographers and travellers to some of the world's wildest and remotest regions.

Specialising in the Polar and sub-Polar regions of the globe, my work celebrates the extreme latitudes of the Polar environment. An ambassador for the Polar Regions I gave up the corporate world to pursue my true passion for photography. You are welcome to join me on a photographic trip of a lifetime to some of the most magical destinations on this planet.


Living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, I studied with distinction at the Australian Photography Studies College and the Australian College of Journalism. I am a fully accredited AIPP Double Master of Photography and was a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) until it closed its doors in late 2021. In 2011 I was selected to appear in the AIPP 'Look for the Logo' television campaign highlighting some of Australia's best photographers. In 2011, I was also appointed as Australia's first and only Moab Master Photographer and Printer by Moab and Legion Paper in the USA. In early 2012, I was honored to be appointed as a member of the esteemed Coloratti by X-Rite and was subsequently interviewed for Nik Radio in late 2012. Early in 2013, I was honored as the 2012 Outdoor Photographer of the Year in the 'Spirit of Adventure category for my photograph of Mountain Climbers in Antarctica. In 2013, 2014, and again in 2015, I was elected to the Victorian Council of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. In 2014 I also won the Australian AIPP Canon Professional ScienceEnvironment and Nature Photographer of the Year and Victorian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year grand prize along with overall State category wins in Science, Environment and Nature, Creative Photographer of the Year, and Highest Scoring Print of the Year. In 2015 I was honored as the Global Arctic Photographer of the Year with five medals across multiple categories.

In 2017 and 2018 I was named the Victorian Epson Professional Documentary Photographer of the Year as well as being a finalist in the Science, Wildlife, and Wild Places category. I was also highly honored in Nature's Best Photography in the Nature in Motion category for Ghosts of the Arctic and was a finalist in Travel Photographer of the Year. In 2019 I was named the Victorian Epson Nature Photographer of the Year and was a finalist in the APPA National Australian Professional Photography Awards in the Nature Category. In 2020 I joined the AIPP Board as a Director of the Institute and served for 18 months until closed in late 2021. In 2021 I won the Silver medal for Australia in the World Photographic Cup in the Nature category and was the overall winner in the Natural World category in the AIPP Silver Lining Awards.

My photography has taken me on extensive travels throughout Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, North and South America, Canada, China, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Mongolia, the Arctic, and Antarctica. I also pursue an active interest in mountain biking and wilderness trekking.

In Australia, I am officially represented by Philip Kulpa and the Source Photographica Gallery. International representation includes the Aspen Gallery in Aspen USA. My work has also been exhibited at international shows and expos across the USA and Europe including Photokina in Germany and PhotoPlus in New York.

Tracey Lund.jpeg


I am a UK based wildlife photographer. My photographic journey began after an inspiring trip to Africa in 2004 which enabled me to combine my two favourite passions of wildlife and photography.


After returning to the UK,  I wanted to develop my photography and so joined several Photographic Societies. Entering photographic competitions has been a valuable learning experience and has helped my photography to evolve. I then started submitting my pictures into major worldwide Wildlife Competitions to see how my images compared with the world-class photography they represent. I continue to challenge myself as this is what drives me to be better.


“My passion for wildlife has taken me around the world, there is nothing I love doing more. I spend hours in the field, it is a true blessing to be able to take time to sit and watch the animals. I would like people to share something of the emotion I experience pursuing my photography and I try hard to show that passion through my images. Photographing wildlife is an adventure, but most of all a privilege”.  


A few of many achievements:-


World Photographic Cup 2022 - 'Best in Nation' for Team GB


The Federation of European Professional Photographers Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 - Golden Camera award winner


World Photographic Cup 2021 - 'Best in Nation' for Team GB and placed 6th in the Nature Category Top 10 in the world against 38 Nations.


One Eyeland 'World's Top 10 Wildlife Photographers 2021' photo competition- Ranked 9th in the 'WORLD'S TOP 10 WILDLIFE



AIPP Silver Lining Awards in Australia - 2nd and 3rd Place in the Natural World Category. 


Photo Is Light 'World Photography Contest' 2020 - 2nd place in the Nature Category


Cosmos Awards - International Photography and Videography Competition - 1st & 3rd Place in the Wildlife & Animals category


2019 Sony World Photography Awards - Natural World & Wildlife Winner & National Awards 1st Place (United Kingdom)


World Photographic Cup 2019 - Silver awards & 'Best in Nation' for Team GB



Website -

Facebook - @traceylundphotography

Instagram - tracey.lund.7

Twitter - @traceylund3



Hans Olsson.jpg


Är sedan 2013 bosatt på Ölands nordöstra kust.

Ägnar stora delar av min tid till att fotografera natur, speciellt fåglar.

Min utmaning är att hitta motiv i min närhet, gärna i Högby socken där jag är bosatt.

Ger gärna mina bilder en konstnärlig touch, fotograferar mer och mer i svartvitt.

Har haft flera utställningar här på Öland, bland annat på naturum Trollskogen och naturum Ottenby.

Vann Svenska Mästerskapen I fotografi 2019 med bilden ”Vit hägring”.

Vann även den kreativa naturklassen 2021 i samma tävling.

Tävlat med Svenska Landslaget i fotografi år 2020 samt 2022 i WPC, World Photographic Cup.

Har även vunnit Masters naturklass 2018 samt varit Topp tio i tävlingen Bird Photographer of The Year.


076-527 22 02

Matt Palmer.jpg


Matt Palmer is an award-winning photographic artist based in Alpine Victoria where he runs the Alpine Light Gallery with partner Mieke Boynton. 


Passionate about our natural world, and photographs that tell a story or establish a sense of place, Matt's work documenting Tasmanian fires in 2018/19 won him the Australian Professional Photographer of the Year.  Matt has won over 200 awards in landscape and documentary awards and has been recognised as a Master of Photography in Australia and New Zealand.


You can view select works at


Natural Landscape Photography Awards 2021 Project Winner
SLAs 2021 Story Category Winner

AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year 2019

AIPP Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019
AIPP Master Of Photography
NZIPP Master of Photography with Distinction

Photographic Judge AIPP, APA, NZIPP Iris Awards, RISE Awards, Mono Awards

Winner of 150+ Photographic Awards

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