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Uttagningen av bidrag till WPC 2021 har gjorts utifrån resultatet av den digitala tävlingsomgången i Svenska Mästerskapet i Fotografi 2020 samt utifrån resultatet i SM i Naturfotografi 2020.

Fotograferna är presenterade i bokstavsordning i respektive kategori.



Robert Lipic 

Stefanie Andersson 

Therese Asplund 

Digital illustration

Laila Villebeck 

Robert Lipic 

Sofia Smedberg


Anders Sundkvist 

Georgios Grigoriadis 

Niklas Storm 



Cecilia Svensson 

Jessica Wikström
Therese Asplund


Maria Thapper 

Mikaela Friberg 

Pia Gyllin


Anna Lauridsen 

Karl-Göran Zahedi Fougstedt 

Malin Norlén


The World Photographic Cup 2020 announcement program,
LIVE on Facebook 

Facebook page:

Monday September 28, 2020, at 19:00, Central European Time the LIVE announcement ceremony, streaming on Facebook, from Rome, Italy.

The WPC Governing Committee will announce to the world who will grab the bronze, silver and gold medals in all of the six categories of the WPC 2020 competition, the top ten teams and of course the nation that will win the World Photographic Cup .  

Do not miss this amazing event and its two prequel shows! 

Don’ t forget to visit the WPC Facebook page in the next few days, and do share our events on your personal Facebook profile, as well as on the pages of all involved associations, around the globe. That will make the event a true global experience and will enhance the recognition of the World Photographic Cup and the prestige of the winners, their associations and their countries at their best! 

3 JULI 2020

World Photographic Cup 2020 and 2021 News 


As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, with cases surpassing 10 million, the World Photographic Cup governing committee is taking steps to ensure the 2020 individual medalists and team winners receive the celebration they deserve. The committee announced that the WPC 2020 Awards Ceremony will be held virtually in a highly celebrated online ceremony to be held as planned on Monday, September 28th. At that time, all of the top 10 creators in each of the six WPC categories will be announced – along with the bronze, silver, and gold medalists in each category. The top 10 teams worldwide will also be announced, including the 2020 World Photographic Cup winner.
“Of course, circumstances all over the world are forcing us to change things,” says World Photographic Cup CEO, Giuseppe Scozzi. “But we refuse to change our enthusiasm for the amazing creators who have reached the pinnacle of the photographic world. This won’t just be an online meeting – we are planning a special virtual ceremony for our individual and team winners.”
Recognizing that an online ceremony can never fully replace an in-person event, WPC will give award recipients and team winners the additional option of attending a special ceremony held in conjunction with the 2021 award ceremony. That event will take place April 19th, 2021 in Rome, Italy. “We want our winners to be celebrated, so we will stage two ceremonies back-to-back,” said judging committee chairman, Don MacGregor of Canada. "The first will give 2020 winners the opportunity to stand on the podium and receive their medals and awards. The second will be for the 2021 winners. Both will be the same, except we’ll already know the outcome of the 2020 event.” Awards will be shipped to those creators who choose not to attend the ceremony in Italy next April.

6 JANUARI 2020

The WPC Committee is warmly inviting you to watch the 2020 Best of Nation and

Top 10 announcement streamed online!


The WPC 2020 top-10 finalists and the Best of Nation winners will be announced at Imaging USA, Nashville, TN, on January 20th, at the end of the Grand Imaging Award Ceremony. The Ceremony will start at 7.00 pm local time (CST – Central Time Zone) and the WPC announcement will be about 7.45 pm. The event will be streamed online on the WPC page on facebook. More details will follow soon, so stay tuned! 

WPC Finals in Rome, March 23th, 2020. Better book now!  

It is now time to plan your participation to the WPC Award Announcement in Rome! 


Due to the great expected attendance, booking your accommodation closed to the event may become difficult, and your tickets for the ceremonies, dinner parties, seminars and social events may be easily sold out. Remember that flights are generally less expensive when booked early, so we recommend you to make your booking as soon as possible.


Book now for the event at

There you can find a complete information about the event. 

The WPC Awards Ceremony will be in the middle of a 4 days rich program, which starts on Saturday 21 afternoon with a complimentary welcome cocktail, it continues on Sunday morning with 4 Italian Master Photographers’ conferences, and a wedding workshop, and with award winning International speakers program of presentations and a Portrait workshop on Monday morning. On Sunday 22 evening there will be the FEP Awards ceremony and finally on Monday 23, at 18:30,  the WPC Winners Announcement. On Tuesday 24 morning is scheduled for you the annual WPC “face to face” meeting and in the afternoon the opening of the WPC Winners 2020 exhibition. WPC also organized for you some guided tours inside Rome on Sunday and Monday, an amazing tour outside Rome on Tuesday and 2 great photographic/touristic adventures from 25 to 28 of March in Val d’Orcia (Tuscany) and to Sorrento/Capri/Amalfi Coast!

Please purchase your tickets now, and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Best regards, 



World Photographic Cup /WPC Rome 2020 

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